The project Women’s Communication for Solidarity – WomCom“ has been approved within the ERASMUS+ program, KA2 –Western Balkan Youth Window.

The project coordinator is: Centar Za Kulturu Grocka – Grocka/Belgrade, Serbia.

Partner organizations are:

The Association of woman Sandglass – Kruševac, Serbia,

Udruga TRIM – Jelsa/Hvar,Croatia,

GEA Coop Sociale – Padova, Italy,

ALDA (Association of Local Democracy Agencies) – Strasbourg, France,

Udruženje LDA – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Young women in Western Balkans rural areas are faced with multiple forms of discrimination. In rural areas often dominate the strong patriarchal values and gender inequality. Opportunities for the communication, exchange and solidarity between young women from these areas and peers women from urban EU areas are weakImprovement of specific communication skills and opportunity to meet and exchange experiences, difficulties and good practices among women from different countries and areas can strengthen WB rural women self-confidence and self-advocacy.

General aim

Increasing the communication skills and capacities of young women in the Western Balkan rural areas, for achieving the progress in equal opportunities.

Specific objectives

  • Build international solidarity between young women from Western Balkan rural communities and European urban communities through connecting and networking.
  • Enhance capacities of youth workers to facilitate and support social communication of young women.
  • Developed skills of assertive and art communication of young women to express their opinions and create an active impact in their communities
  • Increase interest and knowledge among WB young rural women on the European and UN policies on gender equality and inclusion.
  • Established celebration of the UN International day of rural women in communities involved in the project.
  • Padova 2018

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